Malte Salge studies for one semester at UPAEP
13 agosto Por: Yolanda Jaimes
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[Studyin his courses in English was quite an advantage for him.]

Malte Salge studies in Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany and told us that being able to study in English in Mexico, made his exchange easier. That is the reason why he recommends everybody to have the experience to study abroad.

When he was trying to choose where to go abroad, he was between Spain, Mexico or Sweden. However, he finally said that Mexico was the place to be because he wanted to get to know the Latin American Spanish and the chance to have an internship in Volkswagen Puebla.

“I have friends that work at VW and their recommendations about the city, the safety, food, and the people were just too good. Besides, having an agreement with UPAEP made the procedure too easy and fast because the Internationalization Department at UPAEP was always very helpful”.

In general, he said “my experiences with Mexican people have been good, all the memories are about helping me in what I need. I was once in a mall needing some pillows and asked a lady to show them to me; however, she told me to go somewhere else because the ones she had, were just too expensive. Therefore, she knew that it was better to help a foreign student than making a sale. I also needed to go to the library and I saw one classmate. He told me to wait for him since his mom was arriving soon, and therefore, I could get a ride from them”.

When it comes to academics, Malte said to us that his professors were always asking at the end if the lecture was understandable for him and his other classmates also worked hard trying to clarify to him everything that was not completely comprehensible.

Although Puebla City is completely different to what Malte is used to, it was easy to adapt because of the people, nice weather and the food, especially since he was expecting to enjoy the country and his staying at his best.

When it comes to the lectures, he really liked that classes are much smaller in student numbers than in Ostfalia, this makes the professor-student relationship closer.

“I feel pretty safe in Puebla, and pretty much welcomed at UPAEP. I totally will recommend it for those who are still thinking about going abroad, they have a lot of activities, many sports and you get to participate in UPAEP’s radio programs”.

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