4-H UPAEP, a space to deploy talents
Autor: Fernanda Bretón
Foto: Misraim Álvarez Bolaños

UPAEP High School students pledge to put all their talents at the service of their community.    

In October 2023, UPAEP together with the University of Missouri took on the task of growing 4-H clubs. 4-H is a program with more than 100 years of history in the United States, which aims to develop the potential of children and young people to put their talents at the service of society.

As a result of this relationship, different UPAEP campuses have developed unique activities that respond to the motto specially developed for Mexico: "Hands that give service, hearts that transform the world." Recently a group of more than 30 students participated in the formation of the Club 4-H UPAEP (Huamantla).

Over the course of 5 months, the young people have undertaken actions of reforestation, vermicomposting, the development of vegetable gardens with irrigation systems, as well as the task of creating a garden design to improve the green space of the campus.

During the swearing-in ceremony, the students promised to use their minds to think more clearly, their hearts to be more loyal, their hands to be more helpful, their health to take better care of themselves; for their club, their community, their country and their world.

The club’s elected leaders include: Moisés Lara Domínguez, project leader; Luis Armando de la Cruz, reporter and historian; Jonathan Misael Herrera, secretary; Anaí Lima Hernández, treasurer; Roberto Flores Hernández, vice president; and María Inés Macías Báez, president.

During her speech, María Inés pointed out that the 4-H Club has been of great importance.  As students they have been taking advantage of those green spaces that had been forgotten before October. They have worked hard removing roots, digging space for vegetable gardens, cutting materials, and building structures. "We will continue this work during our stay in the Club, sharing laughs, while we contribute to helping to improve these spaces".

4-H allows youth to develop their own pathway by developing their individual interests with guidance from adult mentors. This club’s current project areas include urban agriculture, landscape design, reforestation, vegetable garden and composting.